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Making History

SpaceX2 has been both critically acclaimed for groundbreaking research and accused of various terrorist attacks, including stealing the moon.

SpaceX2 successfully made anime real, the first company to do so. SpaceX2 has also successfully recreated the legendary SKADOOSH, something that was previously thought to be impossible.


February 2019

Jugoku Expedition

SpaceX2 successfully visited Jugoku, finding another planet with sentient lifeforms for the first time.


July 2010

We stole the moon

WE STOLE THE MOON. I REPEAT. THE MOON HAS BEEN STOLEN. We also created some really wacky tic tacs in the process, but ignore those. They're a side effect.


June 2008


SpaceX2 successfully recreated the Skadoosh maneuver displayed in anime masterpiece Kung Fu Panda


September 2001


Our lawyers advised us to remove this one. We obliged.